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Ilya’s family immigrated to the US in 2001 and was welcomed by the Northampton Township community. He now resides in Holland, PA with his wife and two kids aged 9 and 6. His mother is a retired Council Rock employee, and now his parents, also Holland residents, are small business owners who run early childhood education centers in the Philadelphia area.


Alumnus of Council Rock North, Ilya graduated with bachelor’s and master’s from Georgetown University, where he majored in foreign policy process and international business diplomacy. He also received his master’s in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Ilya is involved with Ann's Kids Educational Center (AKEC) - a non-profit dedicated to providing exceptional educational opportunities that go beyond the classroom. From providing free healthy meals to over a 1000 children daily to organizing child-driven charity events, AKEC exposes young minds to the countless ways of being leaders in making a difference. Ilya also fought for his community by preventing an aggressive real estate investor from building a mega gas station within yards of people’s homes and causing irreparable harm to the environment and quality of life. In his spare time Ilya enjoys volunteering with his children and mentoring entrepreneurs and tech founders.

Ilya is the CEO and cofounder of an education technology company. Prior to starting his own business, he worked globally as an HR consultant. His focus was on international best practices in good governance, as well as accountability and transparency in the public and private sectors. Ilya also co-founded one of the first corporate venture capital firms specializing in HR Tech and Education Technology investments.

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