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"I come from a hardworking family that started from a minimum wage, barely making ends meet, and now runs a successful business and programs that specialize in helping low income communities. I know both worlds and want to create a better economy for all. Politics should not be about partisan bickering and raw data. It should be about building a community that we all want for our kids. I am your next door neighbor who understands your needs and wants to get things done."



For too long, education funding has been used to divide our communities, putting our children and their futures at risk.  As the son of a Public school teacher and parent of two children in public school, Ilya Breyman knows that education is the most important investment we can make in our children’s future. Ilya recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that serves all of our families, and believes in investing in novel, thoughtful methods of education that serve our children while bolstering public education in all of our communities..



Ilya Breyman believes in fiscal discipline and is a champion of smart investment in our local economy. He knows that we can only thrive when our families and small businesses get the support they need. Ilya will fight to fully fund social services and support for small businesses while keeping taxes low. He'll ensure that our community has what they need to thrive, including fully funded fire, EMS, and law enforcement to keep our families safe and healthy. Ilya will also work to reduce government waste and make sure that all of our tax dollars are used to benefit our families and small businesses.


Rising gas prices and home heating costs are squeezing our families. Ilya Breyman supports the "all-of-the-above" approach to energy. He also knows that the future of green energy isn’t just good for the planet, it’ll put money back in the pockets of our families and small businesses. He’ll fight to bring the next generation of energy to Pennsylvania, creating high-paying, long term jobs and lower the cost of energy for families across the Commonwealth, while supporting innovation in the traditional energy sectors.



Ilya Breyman firmly believes that women’s healthcare decisions should be made by women and their doctors, not by the courts or legislatures. For women who make the choice to bring pregnancies to term, Ilya will fight to expand access to social services including; affordable high-quality child care, guaranteed paid parental leave, and expanded access to medical and nutritional services.



Ilya Breyman believes that free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. To fix our deep polarization he would support political innovation to make our elections safer, more secure, and more representative of the will of the people. This includes realigning incentives for candidates and incumbents, weakening the influence of unelected, unaccountable party bureaucrats. He supports repealing closed primaries, implementing Ranked Choice Voting, ending partisan gerrymandering, limiting campaign finance contributions, and imposing term limits on career politicians.

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